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    Brian has been endorsed in the past by…

    Haley Wilcox
    Marisa Ringe
    Ana Lunoux
    Lana Lamuse
    Marvin Bloomer
    Melissa Phillips
    Amber Myers
    Carey Calhoun
    Susan Sipes
    Lesli Lucier
    Laura Adams
    Stuart Rigall
    Leslie Seeberger
    Donaca Fouts
    Jordan Ohrt
    Tarah Evans

    Nicole Asprocolas
    Elaine LaJoie
    Jane Rittenhouse
    Andrea U’Ren
    Sonja Grabel
    Robert Snee
    Josie Alexander
    Crystal Morris
    Tasha Webb
    Lori McGaughey
    Joan Okrasinski
    Adam Lardy, Adam Lardy Trucking / Vice President of Timber Unity
    Jennifer Anderson
    Dustin Stansbury, Down To Fish Guide Service
    Bill Post, State Representative
    Hubert Hancock

    Shelley Lloyd
    Albert Palmer
    Keith Forsythe, Pacific Industrial Service Inc.
    Robert Smithson
    Caden Willaby
    Kristen Locati
    Mary Loper
    Erik Seligman
    Wendy Wilcoxen
    Blair Walter
    Julie Stockfleth
    Stacy Cayce
    Scott Neish, Neish Dentistry
    Bruce Starr, State Senator (1999-2015)