• Happily married to Nancy Stout for 31 years and counting
  • Parents to two beautiful daughters: Kymberly and Tiffany
  • Grandparents to one young Grandson
  • Parents to “Kodi” our Mini Aussie pup and Grandparents to two Aussie/Pom Pups.


  • Graduated Hillsboro High School (Class of 1986)
  • Graphic Design Program Studies at Portland State University
  • Extensive Business Management and Professional Sales Course Completions


  • Small Business Owner for over 25 Years
  • Graphic Design- Digital Print Specialist
  • Business Branding Professional


  • Community Volunteer
  • Past HOA Board President
  • Precinct Committee Person Columbia County Republican Party
  • Republican Nominee for State Representative HD31

Brian on the Issues

As a lifetime small business owner, I understand what it takes to be successful and the importance of contributing to our economy. We must leverage our resources to create a pro growth job climate that benefits the community we live in while defending small businesses from unreasonable regulations and taxes.

Our kids education should come first, in the State budget and the classroom. The voters have approved record funding for our schools yet we are almost dead last in national rankings. Funding for Career and Technical Education needs to be restored and strong trade school programs set in place.

I support our local law enforcement agencies and understand that secure, clean, and safe communities are critical. Illegal means illegal and we should enforce constitutional laws before forcing sanctuary status laws.

Advocating for our veterans and children should always be a top priority locally and statewide in our policies. Liberal politicians have robbed from them, their benefits and care despite the will of the voters. Our state foster care system that protects the most vulnerable of children is in crisis and this is simply not acceptable.

Priorities must include new road infrastructure, bridge maintenance and smart long term planning. The voters have been clear on freeway tolls and where our gas taxes go, yet our current legislatures are ignoring us once again. I will oppose attempts that take more from us here.

We can all agree we want clean air and water but job-killing bills along with Cap & Trade tax schemes are not the answer. We must protect our rural areas, support the timber industry and communities, and strengthen our rights to farm, fish and hunt with sustainable practices.

Our rights are inherent and cannot be infringed upon by any government. Our Constitutional freedoms are under attack and I am committed to protecting ALL of our rights. I support our 2A rights to protect and defend ourselves and families and engage in shooting sports and hunting. I support our rights to free speech and personal freedoms including personal medical freedom.