A Message from Brian

Hello! I am Brian Stout and I want to let you know whyI’m running for State Representative here in Oregon’s House District 31.

As a father of two, small business owner and local community volunteer, I have watched our state fail the people time and time again under radical far-left leadership. The extreme Portland-centered politics are taking a toll on our rural communities and families. Taxing, spending and over-regulating is out of control in Salem. Our elected officials need to return to being a servant of the citizens of this district and community. I am a strong believer that you the people know what is best for you and your families, not the career politicians who continually dictate to you what they think you need or want.

Enough is enough. It is time to slow down and get off this train of over-spending and over-taxing. Now is the time to restore some sanity here at home, in Salem and throughout our magnificent state. As your next State Representative, my priorities will be protecting our way of life, protecting our freedoms and bringing common sense values to the state legislature while serving the needs of our community.

Brian Stout