Brian Stout

Brian Stout

Your advocate and candidate for Oregon House of Representatives District 31

Brian Stout is a local small business owner, community volunteer, husband, father, grandfather and former Republican nominee for HD31 State Representative.

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Hard-working | Leadership | Common Sense

As a small business owner, local community volunteer, I have watched our state fail the people time and time again under leadership that does not speak for our rural communities. I’m a strong believer that you know what is best for you and your families, not the career politicians who continually dictate to you what they think you want or need.

I continue to stand strong on my principles and values and want to thank you all for your overwhelming support both personally and at the voter polls last election cycle.   My priorities are yours and I will continue to advocate for protecting your way of life, protecting your freedoms and promise to bring common sense values to the state legislature while serving the needs of our communities.

I hope to earn your support,

Brian Stout

Officially Endorsed for the 2022 Primary Election

“Columbia & Washington County could not ask for a better person to represent them in House District 31 as their next State Representative.  Brian brings a lifetime of small business experience, common sense, accountability, and experience to the table and understands the needs of the people and his district.”

Bruce Starr, State Senator, ret.
“I have personally know Brian for about 15 years. His commitment to our beautiful state is genuine, and his work ethic is unparalleled. This election is the most important of our lifetime, both nationally AND locally. It is clear that now is the time to find balance in our representation. Brian has my trust, and I could not be more grateful that a person of such high caliber is seeking to serve our state!”
Jennifer Anderson, RN, BSN, MBA

“I have had the pleasure to meet and form a good friendship with Brian he is a hard working businessman and I am sure he will work hard for our area to foster job creating opportunities and look out for us when the state is making decisions that will affect us all.”

Keith Forsythe, President, Pacific Industrial Service Inc

“Oregon has experienced a lack of leadership for far too long. Brian would work to help Oregonians get back our good name, our jobs and get our kids educated.  Vote for Oregon, Vote for Brian Stout!”

Leslie Seeberger

“I am an experienced emergency nurse. We need to help our police and paramedics. I know Brian will work diligently to provide them the tools to foster safe and healthy communities.”

Robin Loper, BSN, RN, NCSN, Columbia City

“Our children are our future. Vote for Brian, he will champion a return to a quality education system.”

Diane Dillard, St. Helens

“Brian thinks like and understands the concerns of rural Oregonians and our district.”

Mike Pihl, Vernonia

“HD31 deserves a Representative that respects and promotes the concerns of all people. Brian has proven thru his civic works and daily life that he is that person.”

Larry Ericksen, Past Port Commission President